EPA Security


Organizations of all sizes depend on information technology (IT) systems and computer networks for essential operations; yet, many are finding themselves unable to keep up with the constant threat of security breaches and cyber-attacks.  Cyber crime damage costs will hit $6 trillion by 2021; affecting one and three Americans each year.

Before an attack, you need comprehensive awareness and visibility of what’s going on over your entire network so you can implement policies and controls to defend it.  During an attack, the ability to continuously detect malware and block it is absolutely critical.

Our Cisco powered services and solutions will give you the protection BEFORE and DURING an attack.  We deploy advanced enterprise security functions such as NGFWs, ISE and Umbrella to stop threats in their tracks, before damage is done.  In addition, the security features such as NGIPS, Web & Email Security, and the advanced intelligence of Talos defends your extended network, during an attack.

Enterprise Network Security

We deploy Cisco security solutions that gives your network the ability to defend itself.  It takes most organizations 100 to 200 days to detect a threat; where as our solution takes 3.5 hours; turning your network into a security system designed to interoperate and provide multilayered protection

  • Reduce Risk
  • Gain deep visibility
  • Lower complexity
  • Protect against threats

Security Operations

Perform daily monitoring and management of security technology to provide deeper insight into threats and provide proactive intelligence.

  • Penetration testing / vulnerability scanning
  • Breach remediation and clean up
  • Endpoint protection
  • Web application security and code reviews
  • Patch management
  • Cloud security

Governance Risk & Compliance

We will architect the policy, procedures, processes and standards for your risk management programs; while tending to the compliance controls and business value applications of security services.

  • Define and maintain security processes
  • Incorporate a single view of compliance activity
  • Manage cross industry controls and regulations
  • Reduce process cost through automation
  • Identify gaps in compliance and risk

Physical Security

We take a holistic approach to security that focuses on the protection of personnel, networks and data from physical actions that can cause loss or damage to your organization.  Our security team will help you implement a security program that balances security measures and safety concerns.

  • Access control and fire suppression systems
  • Surveillance and notification systems
  • Disaster recovery policies and procedures
  • Device location and asset management

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