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When you hire a security or event management company, you contract for the confidence and peace of mind that a professional service can provide. At Executive Protection Agencies, LLC, we protect your facilities, your staff and we safeguard your interests. We believe excellence begins with our officers and extends to all management levels. The secret to our success is built upon the quality of our people. Our applicant recruitment, screening and selection process is designed to yield only top quality employees that exceed customer specifications. At Executive Protection, LLC, we treat our employees the way that we would want to be treated. This management philosophy and our training procedures make it possible for us to assign professional, dedicated, high quality, loyal employees to your security needs.

Initial and on-going training is vital to the success of our security program. Our method of performance-oriented, hands-on training not only instills a higher degree of proficiency in basic skills, but also enhances the confidence, effectiveness and morale of our employees. Our unique approach provides training that is not only realistic but challenging for our security officers.

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