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We offer off-duty police officers!

At the police academy, an officer receives a minimum of 900 hours of intensive training. They are subjected to thorough background and psychological evaluations that include a polygraph test. Police officers must also pass a physician’s exam and demonstrate a level of physical ability. While at the academy, they are instructed in the use of firearms and tactical weapons.

Police officers that work with Executive Protection Agencies, LLC must be employed by a city, county or state agency, and will have a complete uniform when required. The off duty officer will have a firearm and radio communications, and can call for backup personnel or medical assistance whenever necessary.

A trained police officer can easily recognize a potentially dangerous situation and react in the most appropriate manner, often diffusing a problem before it has a chance to escalate to a more serious condition. A police officer always has all of the powers entrusted him to manage the situation, including the ability to arrest. Clearly, the experience and judgement of a police officer is an exceptional asset and certainly reduces your potential liability.

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