EPA Security

School of Personal Protection

L.E.S.S. and IAEPA

EPA Security has teamed up with the Law Enforcement & Security Specialist Private training Academy (L.E.S.S.) and the International Academy of Executive Protection Agents (IAEPA) to offer you the best and most up-to-date training in Security, Private Investigations and Executive Protection available. EPA Security maintains affiliates nationally and worldwide.

EPA’s security capabilities are second to none. L.E.S.S. utilizes the experience of current and former military/law enforcement instructors who are considered experts in their field and (IAEPA) utilizes current and formal Executive Protection Agents who is considered the elite experets in their field.

The instructors have distinguished reputations along with a history of advising, training, and consulting military and civilian tactical teams, military and other security forces to the highest of professional standards.

Practical and tactical training courses for law enforcement and private security companies are a must. The following courses are designed to enhance survival skills, develop the essential mindset and will ensure your security personnel have the tools to handle their prospective duties in the event of a use of force situation.

The training goal is to ensure your personnel learn the individual skills needed to win a life or death confrontation. This is accomplished by principle driven training under the supervision of our instructors. EPA SECURITY provides training to security corporations, police and military agencies anywhere in the world.

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