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EPA security personnel combine a keen eye with a thorough knowledge of the venue through threat assessment. Our agents are taught various techniques such as, knowing the threat, perceiving the threat, gathering valuable intelligence about the threat, analyzing the threat, knowing the client’s vulnerability to the threat. How high are the threat level, and what plan will be taken into action for ultimate protection.

These are a few of the tactical threat assessment programs we have developed that all EPA security agents must be trained before they are given particular assignments. Our threat assessment plans are customized for your safety and protection.

Your safety is our main concern.

Experience and training teaches personnel where potential danger areas are and how to deal with problems before they arise. Being so close to the crowd, safety personnel can watch for the initial signs of stress and discomfort, while the wearing of high visibility clothing means they are instantly recognizable as a source of information and assistance. All personnel are trained to assist and co-operate with the emergency services.

Search and eject teams are carefully selected for our ability to handle situations with skill, composure and diplomacy. These teams are used at events such as pop concerts or sporting events where it may be necessary to remove an individual or a group of people from a particular locality: an action that requires speed of mind and body as well as an acute awareness of potentially difficult situations.

These teams, which are often used to complement or even replace the police, are constantly updated on laws of search techniques and have experience in gathering evidence and supplying statements or documentation. Personnel handling, communication skills, understanding body language and restraint techniques are all taught so teams can effect a quick, efficient and, where possible, non-confrontational search and eject.

Security personnel at any corporate event must be smart, effective, courteous and discreet with customer care at the heart of their approach.

Personnel are chosen and trained to provide expert security in any corporate environment such as high-profile parties or conferences. With a site visit and a safety evaluation an integral part of our service, organizers can be sure that all security issues will be covered with maximum professionalism and minimum fuss.

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