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Level I Class

“No Defensive Tactics Program in the World is More

Battle Tested than Krav Maga.”

Krav Maga Self-Defense and Third Party Protection Curriculum Overview

In this fifteen hour course you will learn the techniques it takes to defend yourself and your clients using proven methods. You will perform all techniques under high stress and in protection scenarios.

DAY 1 : All combative’s ( punches, knees, elbows and others)
Handgun defenses for person to person and third party protection. From front, side and back.

DAY 2: Blocking attacks and countering
High stress drills for combative’s and third party applications. ( Low light, Loud noise, multiple attackers, recognizing several threats at once)
Threats from a knife. Stabbing, slashing, and threatening.

DAY 3 : Review all handgun and knife applications. Review combative’s.
Perform protection tasks such as: moving your principal to safe area after attack, thwarting assassination, crowd control, and others.

This course will be extremely intense both physically and mentally. All participants will be expected to perform all tasks with %100 effort!

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